About this site

My name is Bob, and this is my site about oldschool, paper/pencil/dice/books/miniatures role-playing games.

glitchedI’ve been a gamer since my teens, but haven’t played in about 20 years. With my 13-year old nephew getting interested in D&D, and an old gaming buddy moving back to the area, I decided to again devote some time to gaming. We’ll see how it goes. Hard to make time as an adult with lots of other things going on, but maybe a session every month?

My gaming history includes mostly D&D, Traveler,  and LOTS of Hero Games Champions (since the original 1983 edition). Also played a little GURPS, Boot Hill, Gamma World. Love GURPS.

My character sheet would include something like this:
Librarian: 12th level
Aikidoist: 7th level
Skateboarder: 15th level
Podcaster: 5th level

You can contact me at bibliosk8er@yahoo.com.

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