Into the Void – Cast of Characters

The Crew

  • Roger – 4 term Scouts. Ace pilot. Wears goggles on his head, even if he doesn’t need ’em. Owner of the Type S Scout ship – “Rambler.”
  • “Lucky” – real name Fred – multiple maimings and injuries during 4 terms in the Scouts, thus the nickname. Electronics wizard.
  • Barney – 4 term Scouts. Expert ships engineer and Jack-of-all-Trades.
  • Fardt (NPC) – A Gluck from planet Mylor, Fardt tried to pick Rogers pocket in the Happy Gluck Tavern. The crew later hired him on as cook on their ship. A well-meaning rogue, trying to make ends meet in a tough universe.
  • the Robot (NPC) – no name thus far. Found on unknown planet in the Void, left behind 450 years previous by unknown explorers.  The Robot’s full abilities are unknown, but seems to be a general purpose exploratory/survey assistant.
  • Zal Twist (NPC) – exo-archaeologist from the university on planet Zapata, researching the mythical Precursor civilization thought to have existed millennia before current interstellar society.
  • Iron Balls McGinty (NPC) – former crew member. Former belter working for Croyd until something better comes along. Iron Balls signed on with the Rambler, his associates having been thwarted. He was “let go” shortly thereafter, as he had no skills they really need. On good terms with the crew.

Various NPCs.

  • Billy Zoom – Imperial Scout Service Administrator, assigned to Mylor Base.
  • Gregor Radrowski – Imperial Marines. Rank – Force Commander. From a high gravity world — very strong, great with heavy weapons, prefers the “big gun”, a harness mounted machine gun.
  • Clementine Strongbow (deceased) – Imperial Marines. Rank – Captain. Cool in a fight, a veteran of violent conflicts on a dozen world. Killed in action during recon/rescue mission to Planet Trillos, by a Void Bug docked to the telepathic head of the research station there. Bug used greatly boosted telepathic assault to blow up her head.
  • Mergatroyd – 7′ tall, 4-eyed humanoid of the Rax species. A rogue who fancies himself a treasure hunter.
  • Vern – owner of the Happy Gluck Tavern, former freetrader mechant.
  • Resus Peesus – a midlevel illegal arms merchant operating on or near the frontier of the border. Peesus is portly fellow given to wearing ornate jackets, rings on his chubby fingers, and snacking on sweets. He enjoys gambling, and is very good at it. He won’t voluntarily put himself at risk, preferring to make deals and take what profit he can.

NPC Group – The Scumbags – a band of pirates/criminals/dirtbags that followed the PCs to the Precursor moon, and were defeated in session 2.

  • Croyd (deceased) – Captain of Scumbags and “owner” of the modified type-a freetrader, the HellHound.
  • Tommy the Gimp – Croyd’s gunner. Currently in jail after being turned in by the crew for bounty.
  • Glych – serpentoid rifleman and hired muscle. Currently in jail after being turned in by the crew for bounty.
  • Merriwether – ship’s engineer.  Currently in jail after being turned in by the crew for bounty.
  • Ronda the Pilot – former scout – was kicked out after 1 term for unethical behavior. Pilot of Croyd’s ship. Released and freed by the crew when they returned to Mylor.
  • the Crab – crustaceaniod crew member of the Scumbags.  Currently in jail after being turned in by the crew for bounty.
  • Jonesy – Scumbags crew member. Vacc suit expert. Currently in jail after being turned in by the crew for bounty.


The Galactic Brotherhood. Spread throughout known space are an organization of beggar monks. All are blind, with cloudy eyes. They bless those who give to them. There motive outside their religions, if there are any, are unknown.