Into the Void – Cast of Characters

The Crew

  • Roger – 4 term Scouts. Ace pilot. Wears goggles on his head, even if he doesn’t need ’em. Owner of the Type S Scout ship – “Rambler.”
  • “Lucky” – real name Fred – multiple maimings and injuries during 4 terms in the Scouts, thus the nickname. Electronics wizard.
  • Barney – 4 term Scouts. Expert ships engineer and Jack-of-all-Trades.
  • Fardt (NPC) – A Gluck from planet Mylor, Fardt tried to pick Rogers pocket in the Happy Gluck Tavern. The crew later hired him on as cook on their ship. A well-meaning rogue, trying to make ends meet in a tough universe.
  • the Robot (NPC) – no name thus far. Found on unknown planet in the Void, left behind 450 years previous by unknown explorers.  The Robot’s full abilities are unknown, but seems to be a general purpose exploratory/survey assistant.
  • Zal Twist (NPC) – exo-archaeologist from the university on planet Zapata, researching the mythical Precursor civilization thought to have existed millennia before current interstellar society.
  • Iron Balls McGinty (NPC) – former belter working for Croyd until something better comes along. Currently signed on with the Rambler, his associates having been thwarted.

NPC Group – The Scumbags – a band of pirates/criminals/dirtbags that followed the PCs to the Precursor moon, and were defeated in session 2.

  • Croyd (deceased) – Captain of Scumbags and “owner” of the modified type-a freetrader, the HellHound.
  • Tommy the Gimp – Croyd’s gunner. Currently in in cold sleep aboard the HellHound.
  • Glych – serpentoid rifleman and hired muscle. Currently in in cold sleep aboard the Hellhound.
  • Merriwether – ship’s engineer – currently in cold sleep aboard the HellHound.
  • Ronda the Pilot – former scout – was kicked out after 1 term for unethical behavior. Pilot of Croyd’s ship. Currently locked in a stateroom aboard the HellHound.
  • the Crab – crustaceaniod crew member of the Scumbags. Currently squeezed into a cold sleep chamber on the HellHound.
  • Jonesy – Scumbags crew member. Vacc suit expert. Also currently in cold sleep.