Into the Void – Campaign Background

Into the Void is a science fiction roleplaying campaign using the 1981 version of the classic Traveller system. We use the 3 Little Black Books as well as character classes from Supplement 4: Citizens of the Imperium.

We do not use the published Imperium setting from GDW, but use parts of it as reference material. Organizations in our campaign are roughly equivalent to those in the published settings — Scouts, Marines, Navy, etc. There is still an Empire. There’s still a Psionics Institute. We use the same rules for Jump Drive. There is no FTL communication. We simply don’t use the maps and history of the GDW Imperium.

Into the Void begins on the every frontier edge of human-colonized space, 6000 years in the future. PCs began on planet Mylor, on the very edge of the frontier border, beyond which is generally called “the Void,” simply meaning unexplored space. The beginning player characters are 4 term retirees of the Imperial Scout Service, who have just spent 16 years of their lives doing initial surveys of many of these border systems. Most planets in this regions are not that industrialized, and thus have a relatively low tech level compared to the Imperial norm of about 13 or 14.

Mylor, the starting planet, is in an as-yet unnamed subsector, half of which extends into the Void. Directly rimward is the Prometheus Subsector, Planet Prometheus being its capital, and part of the Ridley Consortium of Mining Planets. Further still Rimward is the Zapata Subsector, in which  great tech levels and more typical Imperium culture exists.  All of this is part of the Great Dunes Sector. We’ll be adding details of all of this as we go along, though the real action is out in the Void.

Some 2 sectors away the Imperium has made initial contact with the Kresk Directorate, an alien empire thus far mysterious. Relations are fragile, but currently peaceful.

Imperial space is full of different sophont species. Of all the intelligent races encountered by humanity, none have proven to be more compatible than the Glucks.