CCC 10: Boris Levensky

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
4 terms Other,  age 34

Gear: shotgun, dagger, electronics tool kit. 115,000 cr.

Boris is a private person. He doesn’t say much. Boris is a skinny little red-headed bastard, and tough. He’s from somewhere, but you’ll never hear where that is.  He’s had a rough life and has bounced from one dead-end job and backwater planet to the next. Once someone told he he had some sort of mental disorder. Boris doesn’t really know. He tried working in an asteroid mine once but just didn’t have the skills, and frankly he found it a bit unpleasant. He’s picked up one useful skill over his 34 years — he’s not bad at fixing electronic devices. Seems to have a knack for it. He’s good with a shotgun, and loves to fight. A fair fight, to Boris, is one that he wins.  Boris doesn’t think much past the present. He’s a survivor but not really a thriver.  One thing he’s learned in his travels — trust only his shotgun and dagger.

CCC 9: Andrea LeAndros

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
1 term Merchants,  rank 1, age 22
Auto Pistol-1

Gear: auto pistol with 1 spare clip, medical kit, 6000cr, carved wooden figurine of alien bird worn on a line around her neck (a good luck charm from one of many ports).

Andrea LeAndros comes from the planet Sylix, the second habitable planet in the Zapata system. Habitable but not exciting. Like so many talented young people born on minor planets into modest circumstances, Andrea found her escape into the greater galaxy by signing on to the Merchant services after visiting the Spacers Union Hall. Well-educated, she passed found a berth and job aboard a 500-ton freighter as an apprentice crew member. In her first term she learned basic medic skills, how to shoot an auto-pistol (gotta be able to defend against piracy), and skillful use of a vacc suit. Before she could begin her 2nd term the company owning that freighter went bankrupt, which resulted in at least temporary unemployment for the captain and crew.  She is now waiting for a position on a new ship, but will entertain other employment offers to get by.

Andrea is 5’5″ tall, has short-cropped spacer hair (dark), and typically wears a jacket procured on one of their stops, a dark leather spacer’s jacket with hidden interior pocket that can mask its content from electronic detection. She’s a solid crew member, has a natural gift as a medic, and loyal to friends. A young person in search of opportunity.


CCC 7: Donatella Donazian

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
1 term Diplomat, rank 1
Age 22

Gear: 20,000 cr. Auto pistol, dagger, air raft, personal communicator and hand computer.

Donatella grew up on the subsector capital planet Zapata, the daughter of a well-connected noble family. Somewhat lacking in intellect, she was none the less a devoted student of Imperial history and staunch supporter of the system. Through luck and family connections Donatella managed to join the Imperial Diplomatic Corps and hoped to make a name for herself as a peacemaker. During her short time in the service she found that she had a knack for talking people out of information they might wish to hide,  and due to her upbringing she was great in liaison roles. Sadly after her first term she was forced to return home to attend family matters, and has only now managed to get back off-world, exploring on the frontier where she enjoys her anonymity. Going by the nickname Tella, she has found a role working as a contractor/negotiator for large companies seeking contracts.

CCC 6: Reginald Rogers

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
2 terms Navy
Age 26
Fwd Obr-1, Engineering-1, Carbine-1

Gear: 60,000 credits, carbine

Reginald Rogers should have gone much further in the Navy. Physically gifted, intelligent, and well-educated, on paper he looks like the perfect officer. The problem? Reggie is just a dick. Arrogant, narcissistic, and abrasive. Reggie spent his first term in Engineering on a battle cruiser. He was a great beginning engineer. Sadly he was impossible to work with and didn’t take orders well. He was always “the smartest guy in the room.”  In his second term, having made no friends,  he was sent to a battle zone to be a forward observer. His talent allowed him to survive the experience, but he decided maybe the Navy wasn’t the place for him. Not good enough. Not smart enough to recognize his greatness. He mustered and headed to the frontier to make a name for himself.

CCC 5: Marc Lewin

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
5 terms Rogue
Age 38
Streetwise-1, Dagger-1, Brawling-1, Ship Tactics-2, Demolition-1

Gear: 100,000 credits, low passage (x2), high passage, dagger, brass knucks, auto pistol

Marc Lewin did not fit in well in the affluent area of Prometheus in which he was raised. It was hard to get into real trouble there in that sanitized environment, but Marc had a larcenous streak. Mark wanted off this boring planet. He thought he might join the Navy and had an early interest in starship warfare – his only academic success. As a teen he played naval warfare simulation constantly. Sadly his psyche evaluation was not up to Naval standards and he was not able to enlist. At 18 Marc signed as “crew” on a sketchy freighter and spent years on that ship doing sketchy things. After 20 years, with a large bankroll, Marc finally left that crew on the frontier, but is still on the lookout for an easy dollar or some excitement.

Mark is 5’9″ tall, medium build, has long brown hair and blue eyes. He carries a dagger, an auto pistol, and wears cloth armor jacket.

CCC 4: Nytalia Bronson

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
5 terms marines Rank 2 (Captain)
Age 38
Auto Rifle-1, Blade-3, Electronics-1, Ground Car/ATV-1, Brawling-1, Cutlass-1, Revolver-1

Gear: low passage, blade, auto rifle, backpack, revolver, cutlass

Hailing from the mining planet of Overon, Nytalia Bronson won the genetic lottery (original stats AABB76). How could a person of her capabilities remain on Overon? When she strutted into the Marine recruitment office no one even considered turning her away, as she passed the physical and mental testing with ease.

Nytalia’s physical attributes and sharp mind made her a great hand-to-hand fighter. She was deployed to numerous conflicts and inflicted a lot of casualties on pirates, chopping many up in close quarters using her 9″ blade during ship boardings. Her skill with the Blade gives her a defense that is hard to breach and an attack that is hard to avoid. Hand-to-hand fighting is, in fact, one of her favorite pursuits. For Nytalia it is a mental game, and her time spent honing her skills in the Marines actually boosted her overall intelligence. She could learn nearly anything, and it good with electronics, but she – just – likes – fighting.

Nytalia is 6″ tall, with close-cropped graying brown hair and light brown skin. She is confident but not arrogant, quiet but not shy. Loyal to comrades, and ruthless with enemies. She’s seen the best and worst of people, and now seeks honest employment on the frontier.


CCC 3: Alro Rupalian

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
4 terms Bureaucrat Rank 2 (currently serving)
Age 34
Dagger-2, JOT-1, Admin-3, Computer-1, Air Raft-1

Alro Rupalian is very, very smart, and always knew how to work the system. It came naturally. So when he finished basic studies the University of Zapata the Imperial Service Exam presented him no problem.  Alro is big and strong, but that is where his physical assets end.  Poorly coordinated and with even worse endurance, Alro prefers pursuits of the mind. Still, a bureaucrat must be able to defend himself, so he trains regularly with a dagger he keeps hidden in his right boot.

Originally stationed in the Imperial liaison office in the downport on Faustus, he found the ranks there crowded and cluttered with officers who really needed to retire but would not. Alro deftly arranged a transfer to Imperial office on Mylor, on the frontier, where opportunities for advancement would grow.

Alro’s greatest skill is his knack for understanding, navigating, and exploiting organizational systems.

Alro is 5’8″ tall, has black hair and a thin black mustache. He wears his Imperial field liaison uniform, and keeps a hand computer in a belt case.

CCC 2: Sir Alix Toffler III

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
4 terms Merchants. Rank 4
Age 34
Grav Vehicle-1, Electronics-2, Nav-1,  JOT-1
Gear: Blade, Low Psg, 40K CR, electronics tool kit, cloth armor,

Noble birth often confers great advantages. At times it can also confer genetic disadvantages. Such is the case of Sir Alix Toffler III, Knight of Realm, from the capital planet of the Prometheus subsector, Prometheus. A physical weakling with horrible coordination, and of only adequate intellect in a family of demigods, Alix spent his youth doing his best to prove himself worthy of his noble title. 5 feet tall and asthmatic, he found the most success in the classroom, due not to his intellect but rather his inquisitive nature and indomitable spirit. At 18 Alix tried enlisting the the planetary army but was turned away. Desperate to prove himself without the aid of his family name, Alix adopted the surname “Tally” and signed on with a tramp freighter in the Merchant service. Over the course of his 16 year career Alix proved himself a capable spacer, though best left out of a fight.  His high level of education enabled him to become a very capable electronics specialist and a good stand-in navigator. On a tramp freighter you’ve gotta fill in where needed, and again his natural flexibility proved to make him a great Jack of All Trades. Despite his absolutely pitiful coordination Alix was found to be a natural air raft pilot. Upon mustering out and returning to Prometheus, Alix found himself even more unwanted in his family, as he had spent a career working on a “dirty freighter”.

Alix prefers to use his wits and skills. He’ll only fight if forced into the situation, being more likely to shoot his own foot off (or cut it, as the case may be) than injure an adversary.

Despite the challenges of his upbringing and treatment by his family, Alix is of hardy and noble spirit, sees the best in everyone, and never ever gives up. He’s 5′ tall, about 100 pounds, thinning blond hair, but a handsome and well-bred face.

CCC 1: Broxanna Troy

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
3 terms Army. Rank 3
Age 30
Mech-2, Air Raft-3, Blade-1, Tactics-1, Rifle-1

Broxanna Troy (Broxy, for short), is from the agricultural planet of Scatter. After three terms in the Planetary Defense Force (Army) she mustered out and booked passage to the Mylor system, on the edge of known space, to seek her fortune.

During her time in the PDF, Broxy honed her natural aptitude as a mechanic, and became the best air raft pilot on the planet. She’s damned good with any grav vehicle, and can maintain and repair them as well. 5’5″ tall and solid muscle, she’s as smart as she is strong, with a gift for tactics and great with a blade.

Broxy travels light, but always has her rifle, her blade (usually in a booth sheath), and an autopistol (it’s a rough galaxy out there). She also owns a mechanics tool set. She’s typically seen in her TL-11 navy blue overcoat made of ballistic cloth material (treat as cloth armor), in which she keeps a small respirator, a spare clip for her auto pistol and rifle, and a flash light.

Dark shoulder length hair, skin tanned dark from the bright sun of Scatter, and brown eyes.

While Broxy doesn’t seek out illegal work, well, she’ll do what she must. She’d prefer to not be in jail.

As is typical of the people of her home planet, Broxanna has a brusk and direct communication style that can be off putting to those not accustomed to it.