CCC 9: Andrea LeAndros

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
1 term Merchants,  rank 1, age 22
Auto Pistol-1

Gear: auto pistol with 1 spare clip, medical kit, 6000cr, carved wooden figurine of alien bird worn on a line around her neck (a good luck charm from one of many ports).

Andrea LeAndros comes from the planet Sylix, the second habitable planet in the Zapata system. Habitable but not exciting. Like so many talented young people born on minor planets into modest circumstances, Andrea found her escape into the greater galaxy by signing on to the Merchant services after visiting the Spacers Union Hall. Well-educated, she passed found a berth and job aboard a 500-ton freighter as an apprentice crew member. In her first term she learned basic medic skills, how to shoot an auto-pistol (gotta be able to defend against piracy), and skillful use of a vacc suit. Before she could begin her 2nd term the company owning that freighter went bankrupt, which resulted in at least temporary unemployment for the captain and crew.  She is now waiting for a position on a new ship, but will entertain other employment offers to get by.

Andrea is 5’5″ tall, has short-cropped spacer hair (dark), and typically wears a jacket procured on one of their stops, a dark leather spacer’s jacket with hidden interior pocket that can mask its content from electronic detection. She’s a solid crew member, has a natural gift as a medic, and loyal to friends. A young person in search of opportunity.


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