CCC 10: Boris Levensky

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
4 terms Other,  age 34

Gear: shotgun, dagger, electronics tool kit. 115,000 cr.

Boris is a private person. He doesn’t say much. Boris is a skinny little red-headed bastard, and tough. He’s from somewhere, but you’ll never hear where that is.  He’s had a rough life and has bounced from one dead-end job and backwater planet to the next. Once someone told he he had some sort of mental disorder. Boris doesn’t really know. He tried working in an asteroid mine once but just didn’t have the skills, and frankly he found it a bit unpleasant. He’s picked up one useful skill over his 34 years — he’s not bad at fixing electronic devices. Seems to have a knack for it. He’s good with a shotgun, and loves to fight. A fair fight, to Boris, is one that he wins.  Boris doesn’t think much past the present. He’s a survivor but not really a thriver.  One thing he’s learned in his travels — trust only his shotgun and dagger.

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