ITV: Locations

Planet Mylor
On the very edge of the Void, in an as-yet unnamed and incompletely explored subsector. Most of the subsector is in the Void.  A small world with standard atmosphere, Class B space port (no “high-port”), and one major city of about 12,000 sophonts. This system and the planet were discovered 100 years ago by the Scout Service. Due to it’s standard atmosphere and relative ease of habitation, the Scout Service established a base of operations here. Now the Scout Base is a major installation. Mylor is the most advanced system on the current border of the void. The Mylor system orbits a typical yellow star, has 12 planets of which Mylor is the 4th, and 2 gas giants. While there is only one big city, there are some smaller towns within 100 km of Mylor City. Mylor City is a true frontier town.

Zal’s World
Named after Zal Twist, the exoarchaeologist who along with a team of ex-scouts first explored it, Zal’s world is a moon orbiting a gas giant 2 parsecs into the void. The world has a standard atmosphere and .7 normal gravity. The gas giant goes through periods of random radiation bursts, which pose a danger to ships in orbit around it or its moons. Zal’s World is home to a species of small, red skinned humanoids. On this world, cooperation became the dominant selective advantage of evolution. Thus, the humanoids are wired for peace and cooperation, making them easy targets for ill-intentioned offworlders. However, during their expedition in this system, Zal Twist and Super Adventure Friends Co. relocated the insectoid Protectors to this world, and charged them to protect the “Little Reds” but otherwise live in peace.

the Precursor Prison Planet
Existed in the same system as Zal’s World. It was a Precursor installation designed to imprison the disembodied consciousness of a dangerous political dissident. SAFCO, at the request of that imprisoned mind, destroyed the planet by imploding the Precursors’ contained singularity power station, killing the prisoner in the process (his desired end).

Planet Trillos
A small rocky world on the edge of the Void, Trillos has .6 gravity and a tainted thin atmosphere requiring most species to wear vacc suits (Glucks can exist just fine there – barely). In Session 6, SAFCO was sent there by the Scout Service (reactivated) to check on a weapons research lab that had been out of communication for six months. They discovered that it was a bio-weapons lab, and a species being experimented on had taken over the head scientist and was trying to get off world. No other life exists on this barren world beyond bacteria.

Zerix System
Planet Zerix is a medium sized world with a standard atmosphere. The system has 12 planets and a wide asteroid belt, created from ancient collision of a planet with another celestial body. Planet Zerix has a small population of settlers, a class C starport, and is home to a small Scout base (with it’s own refined fuel supply, refined from the water naturally occuring on the planet.  Imperial-low tech level. The system’s asteroids belt has been mined for about 100 years. One of the larger asteroids was hollowed out and used as mining station until the Imperium recently discovered classified valuable material in the system, at which point the station was shut down. SAFCO discovered that interstellar crime boss Sammy Oberon was using the station as a base of operation/hideout when they went there to recover a stash of weapons stolen from the nearby Ridley Consortium of Mining Planets, in the Prometheus subsector.

Unnamed system 1 parsec rimward from Zerix System
This system, as yet unnamed and unexplored, was discovered but not fully surveyed by the Scout Service. SAFCO, during session 8, refueled in the system, discovering 6 planets, including a gas giant and one life-bearing planet.

Overon System/RCMP (Ridley Consortium of Mining Planets)
Overon — is a rocky world of size 5 with tainted astmosphere. About 1G gravity, 20% water (contaminated – requires extra processing for fuel extraction). With a population of 10,000, Overon is simply a big mining colony. It has a class B star port, suitable for landing massive ships for hauling the various metals and minerals found in the planet’s crust. The is no indigenous sophont species, though the planet is home to a rich biosphere evolved to the tainted air. Repirators and protective suits are necessary outside the habitations, as the atmosphere irritates human skin, causing an itchy rash. RCMP of course operated the mining operations. 80% of the population are RCMP “citizens” — in reality employees.  The other 20% is comprised of vendors of various services – entertainment, food services, air/water systems, and the very strange hybrid military that mixes Imperial troops and gear with RCMP corporate leadership. An arrangement only possible due to the 1)value of the planet to the Imperium due to it’s mineral wealth and 2)RCMP being the only organization that was willing to commit labor and resources to developing this far-flung subsector. RCMP/Imperial military includes planetary armies and air forces, system defense vessels, and other planet-bound services. The Imperium maintains normal interstellar Navy services, Scout services, and Marines. As such, during his Army career, Flint Sideron was part of the planetary army for RCMP, travelling to numerous planets in support of corporate expansion. He had to put down native uprisings and uppity colonists occasionally, but a big part of his job was defending against pirates and raiders.

Uetonah System
13 planets, including two gas giants. The main world, Uetonah, is small dense planet of size 3, standard gravity, rich atmosphere, 40% water. Most of the land mass is covered by dense jungle. Trees 150′ high, thick, lush plant and animal life. The Samson Mining Company has established a small mining colony on the planet. The population consists of about 6000 human and alien workers, vendors, and contractors. Law Level is 6. Due to terrorist activities, the planet and system are Amber Zone. The planet’s crust contains rich deposits of minerals useful in high-efficiency pure purification systems. Samson mining took a chance on this planet and has been rewarded with a very valuable claim. They seek induction in the RCMP, but as yet are too new and not profitable enough to join. Costs associated with frequent terrorist attacks by rebels in the jungle, thought to be funded and supplied by criminal elements in the subsector, have driven up costs for this relatively small company. Beside the colony settlement, surrounded by 30′ tall stone walls, the only development is a 2km road leading to a huge strip mine where the minerals are obtained. The company uses machinery and local beasts of burden to move ore and equipment. Local law enforcement is headed by Sgt. G. Gottfried, a small man with a grating voice. Besides the problem of a jungle full of terrorists, the planet outside the walls of the compound offers rough and dangerous going to travellers.