CCC 11: Marquis Leonard Lenaris

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
3 terms Noble,  age 30
Air Raft-1, Bribery-1, Dagger-2, Carousing-1

Gear: 70,000 cr,  dagger, fancy clothes, Bolt-3000 racing Air Raft (very fast)

Marquis Leonard Lenaris of planet Titania should have been born a few hundred years earlier, when his family’s influence and wealth were at their height. Back then, being the Marquis really meant something. Sadly his grandfather ruined their finances.  Leonard eventually found himself with an expensive estate, not enough money coming in, and no prospects of turning things around. Only his longstanding connections have allowed him to retain his estate, which is slowing falling into ruin around him, as he concentrates on going to parties and racing his Bolt-3000 air raft in the Noble’s Circuit.

Leonard is 6’1″ tall, weighs in at a lean 185 lbs, looks good in his fancy clothing, and has long curly black hair. He has not mustered out, still being active in his chosen profession of noble hedonism.


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