CCC 7: Donatella Donazian

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
1 term Diplomat, rank 1
Age 22

Gear: 20,000 cr. Auto pistol, dagger, air raft, personal communicator and hand computer.

Donatella grew up on the subsector capital planet Zapata, the daughter of a well-connected noble family. Somewhat lacking in intellect, she was none the less a devoted student of Imperial history and staunch supporter of the system. Through luck and family connections Donatella managed to join the Imperial Diplomatic Corps and hoped to make a name for herself as a peacemaker. During her short time in the service she found that she had a knack for talking people out of information they might wish to hide,  and due to her upbringing she was great in liaison roles. Sadly after her first term she was forced to return home to attend family matters, and has only now managed to get back off-world, exploring on the frontier where she enjoys her anonymity. Going by the nickname Tella, she has found a role working as a contractor/negotiator for large companies seeking contracts.

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