CCC 6: Reginald Rogers

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
2 terms Navy
Age 26
Fwd Obr-1, Engineering-1, Carbine-1

Gear: 60,000 credits, carbine

Reginald Rogers should have gone much further in the Navy. Physically gifted, intelligent, and well-educated, on paper he looks like the perfect officer. The problem? Reggie is just a dick. Arrogant, narcissistic, and abrasive. Reggie spent his first term in Engineering on a battle cruiser. He was a great beginning engineer. Sadly he was impossible to work with and didn’t take orders well. He was always “the smartest guy in the room.”  In his second term, having made no friends,  he was sent to a battle zone to be a forward observer. His talent allowed him to survive the experience, but he decided maybe the Navy wasn’t the place for him. Not good enough. Not smart enough to recognize his greatness. He mustered and headed to the frontier to make a name for himself.

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