CCC 5: Marc Lewin

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
5 terms Rogue
Age 38
Streetwise-1, Dagger-1, Brawling-1, Ship Tactics-2, Demolition-1

Gear: 100,000 credits, low passage (x2), high passage, dagger, brass knucks, auto pistol

Marc Lewin did not fit in well in the affluent area of Prometheus in which he was raised. It was hard to get into real trouble there in that sanitized environment, but Marc had a larcenous streak. Mark wanted off this boring planet. He thought he might join the Navy and had an early interest in starship warfare – his only academic success. As a teen he played naval warfare simulation constantly. Sadly his psyche evaluation was not up to Naval standards and he was not able to enlist. At 18 Marc signed as “crew” on a sketchy freighter and spent years on that ship doing sketchy things. After 20 years, with a large bankroll, Marc finally left that crew on the frontier, but is still on the lookout for an easy dollar or some excitement.

Mark is 5’9″ tall, medium build, has long brown hair and blue eyes. He carries a dagger, an auto pistol, and wears cloth armor jacket.

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