CCC 2: Sir Alix Toffler III

System: Classic Traveller
Setting: Homebrew — Into the Void
4 terms Merchants. Rank 4
Age 34
Grav Vehicle-1, Electronics-2, Nav-1,  JOT-1
Gear: Blade, Low Psg, 40K CR, electronics tool kit, cloth armor,

Noble birth often confers great advantages. At times it can also confer genetic disadvantages. Such is the case of Sir Alix Toffler III, Knight of Realm, from the capital planet of the Prometheus subsector, Prometheus. A physical weakling with horrible coordination, and of only adequate intellect in a family of demigods, Alix spent his youth doing his best to prove himself worthy of his noble title. 5 feet tall and asthmatic, he found the most success in the classroom, due not to his intellect but rather his inquisitive nature and indomitable spirit. At 18 Alix tried enlisting the the planetary army but was turned away. Desperate to prove himself without the aid of his family name, Alix adopted the surname “Tally” and signed on with a tramp freighter in the Merchant service. Over the course of his 16 year career Alix proved himself a capable spacer, though best left out of a fight.  His high level of education enabled him to become a very capable electronics specialist and a good stand-in navigator. On a tramp freighter you’ve gotta fill in where needed, and again his natural flexibility proved to make him a great Jack of All Trades. Despite his absolutely pitiful coordination Alix was found to be a natural air raft pilot. Upon mustering out and returning to Prometheus, Alix found himself even more unwanted in his family, as he had spent a career working on a “dirty freighter”.

Alix prefers to use his wits and skills. He’ll only fight if forced into the situation, being more likely to shoot his own foot off (or cut it, as the case may be) than injure an adversary.

Despite the challenges of his upbringing and treatment by his family, Alix is of hardy and noble spirit, sees the best in everyone, and never ever gives up. He’s 5′ tall, about 100 pounds, thinning blond hair, but a handsome and well-bred face.

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