Interwebs Treasures #20

Once again it has been a while since I’ve done one of these. I could possibly repeat some stuff. We’ll see…

Interwebs Treasures #19

It’s been a while since I did one of these post, but there’s still a lot of great stuff to discover out there.

  • RPG Knights — a good blog about RPGs. Caught my attention when I was looking for Traveller blogs.
  • Monkey House Games – home of Jeff Dee’s Mighty Protectors: Villains & Vigilantes 3.0.
  • Dicehaven – another blog. They just started a podcast. As of this day, the link unfortunately just takes you to their RSS feed, but you can find the podcast on iTunes. One actual play episode thus far, but it’s actually listenable. I generally find actual play podcasts excruciating, even if the game is good. Not so in this case. The podcast is good.
  • Tenkar’s Tavern – a blog with an almost-daily podcast. The podcast is short, which is actually pretty nice. The site and podcast tend to focus on the OSR stuff (Old School Revival, or whatever). I’m never blown away by the podcast, but I do enjoy it. Kind of a nice little daily gaming injection. Short enough to listen to on my way to work!
  • Traveller Roleplaying Game Community on G+: I’ve become a big fan of Google Plus. It seems like it is better-focussed and less prone to bullshit than Facebook. Sure, a shitstorm can erupt, but it seems less common. The Traveller players in the group are great to interact with. Some talented GMs and content creators there.
  • Coretex System Roleplaying on G+: One of best and oldest friends has done a brilliant hack of the Coretex system to do a Wuxia campaign. I honestly don’t understand the system at this point, but it is interesting.
  • North Texas RPG Con: The site is already updated with the 2019 dates. Looking forward to taking time off and really spending some hours at this con next year.

Interwebs Treasures #18

Interwebs Treasures #17

Interwebs Treasures #16

  • A video from the interwebs – Crit or Miss Special: The Problem with GURPS : not a criticism of GURPS, but a video by a huge fan of GURPS about why he often chooses not to use it. My commentary: I’ve purchased many RPGs over the years. Few have been played more than a few times. D&D. Traveller. Champions (HERO system). GURPS. Those are the systems I’ve used a lot. When I’ve purchased other games that create their own systems for a particular campaign setting, I’ve usually thought the systems sucked, even if the background material was really good. A few exceptions. My friend Bob had this game called Demon: the Fallen, which I looked through and it looked awesome. Technically it was part of the World of Darkness thing, so whatever, maybe it wasn’t entirely it’s own thing. Still, if I see a game system for a cool setting, I think there’s an 80% chance I’d just GURPS it, or use the Hero system.
  • A cool interview with Marc Miller, designer of Traveller.
  • – mind blown. Zoomable, printable map for Traveller’s Third Imperium setting.
  • Zhodani Base – incredible Traveller site.

Interwebs Treasures #15

As usual, a few cool things from the internet.

Interwebs Treasures #14

It’s been a while since I did an Interwebs Treasures post. So here’s a new one.

Interwebs Treasures #11

I’m back with more cool stuff…

Clearly, until my friend Williams starts up the very cool looking 1st Edition D&D campaign he has been working on, my GURPS obsession is dominating my gaming-self’s mind.

One last time………………………………. GURPS!