CyberTex: Gamemaster’s Notes

Going into session 4.2 I wasn’t sure I had enough for the game, but as usual I did. My players are great. They spend an appropriate amount of time roleplaying, planning, etc. Assuming each scene I write will take 45 minutes to an hour to play is a safe bet.

One of the goals today was to get the PC Joe the Sniper back with the team. Mission accomplished. It is fun to move back and forth between two groups of players. Takes a bit more effort, but if you are careful it can really make the game flow like a movie.

Each player had a chance to use their skills to good effect. There was some conflict without violence, and of course, some beautiful beautiful violence as well.

We may delve into some Tactical Combat in the coming sessions, though we’re in agreement that we don’t want it to take over. A short tactical combat would be fun.

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