GURPS purchases, etc.

Pretty excited about this book. Writing clues/mysteries/etc is tough. Hoping this will have some good advice and techniques to make CyberTex a lot better.

It has been a week of significant financial expenditures with regard to GURPS. Steve Jackson Games has a number of previously out-of-print GURPS 4e books available now via print-on-demand. I took advantage of this to procure the POD softcover books, GURPS Space, GURPS Spaceships, and GURPS Mysteries. I got the Space book directly from Steve Jackson Games. It came with some extra stuff – a few little Munchkin plastic figures and Munchkin cards. The Space book came in last night, and immediately started reading it. The introduction, which just talks about how cool science fiction, as well as its history, is inspirational! I think the plan right now is to play tow or three more sessions of CyberTex, and then try a session or two of Space. So at the rate we play, that will be next year, but that will give me a lot of time to write.

As luck would have it, the announcement of the POD Spaceships book came out a few days after I purchased the PDF. No prob.

Combining this with other recent purchases, and let’s just say I need to run some games.

Speaking of Spaceships, this guy Ronald Stepp posts these incredible drawings on the Google+ Traveller page.  Check them out. Great stuff. Damn, I’ll like to play in one of his games! Besides cool ship drawings, he seem to come up with fantastic ideas for his games.

Oh, I discovered this blog, which chronicles the adventures particularly interesting GURPS campaign setting. Very entertaining. I love it.  Victorian Apocalypse! 

I also reorganized the sidebar of this blog a little, adding a section on my CyberTex campaign. Will start putting player resources in there this weekend.

Well, it is looking like a busy weekend. Aikido on both mornings. Then chill, read, and work on GURPS stuff. Then two or three hours of skateboarding in the evening, and I’ll finish both days by trying to finish season one of The Expanse.

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