OK, I ordered the two GURPS 4th Edition core rulebooks. Was going to buy them at my local came shop, but they didn’t have them both. Ended up ordering them from Amazon.

With regard to running a Cyberpunk game, I am going to get the 3rd Edition books for Cyberpunk, since they have a lot of the “flavor” of the genre, even if they are for the old edition. For technology, I’ll get GURPS Ultra-Tech book. Pyramid Magazine # 3/21 is supposed to be good to also be useful.  I’ll see if I can get by with that for a while.

I have started re-reading some classic Cyberpunk genre novels. Started with the William Gibson stuff.

I have to say, Cyberpunk really didn’t last very long. It seems like a pretty dead genre. Not that I don’t still like it, but it just seems played out. So we’ll see what develops. One challenge of that genre is that the idea of and “adventuring party” doesn’t really exist. Most characters are more like loners, so it will be interesting to weave stories that can involve everyone.


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