Random Traveller Planet Creation Smackdown

Please enter your randomly generated Traveller or Cepheus Engine planet or system here.

We’d love to know who you are, but feel free to only enter your first name if you roll that way. Likewise, email would be nice, though we really don’t need it and will not use it for anything. No mailing list or selling it or anything. Share what you want.

We’re leaving the actual data field simple — a big text field — so whatever version of Traveller or Cepheus Engine you are using, just enter what you’ve got.

The idea here is for our listeners to create a truly random planet or system, using whatever rules set they like, and come up with an incredible justification and description of that world. We want to show how one might use the rules to spark one’s own creativity. And of course, this might be a fun way to participate in the glorious online Traveller community.

Finally, we do intend to publish these planets on the SAFCOcast.com page, as well as on this blog, and we’ll talk about them on the podcast. They will never be sold or published for profit. Just be aware that by submitting them here you are say “OK, cool, put this intellectual property of mine on this site, the podcast, and the podcast page.”