SAFCOcast #1

This is our first episode! It’s going to sound like two friends talking about tabletop roleplaying games, because that’s what it is.

Our goal for this episode is simply for listeners to know a little about who we are — just two regular guys talking about gaming.

We’ll discuss our history, the first campaign of our current group, a little about our Traveller campaign, and the upcoming North Texas RPG Con.

Upcoming episodes will be 25 – 30 minutes long, and have regular segments.

We invite you to submit comments to or comment on this page. We’ll read and discuss interesting comments.

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3 thoughts on “SAFCOcast #1”

  1. Hey Bob/Jeff K.,
    I tried sending a message to the address, but it bounced.

    In any event, I liked your first “SAFCOcast” – you guys have good voices for this sort of thing.

    Have you guys heard about the Traveller 5th edition Kickstarter? Link here:
    It’s supposed to be the rather messy version released a while ago as a .pdf on DrivethruRPG, but significantly cleaned up and re-organized into three hardback books. I’m debating whether or not to pledge, and was wondering if you guys were familiar with the 5th edition of the rules and had an
    opinion on them.

    1. Hey Bob. Yeah, I’m going to have to set up a Gmail account for this podcast. My internet host has such a sketchy email system. Not sure why.

      I saw the kickstarter and had not intended to participate due to the bad results of the previous 5th edition, but decided to go ahead. Hopefully reorganizing them will be a good thing. Honestly, one thing I really like about the classic little black books is that it isn’t hard to hunt for anything. I like the simplicity. So while I hope the new 5th edition is great, if I were going to change to a new campaign I think I’d use the Cepheus Engine (not Cepheus Lite). It’s really great, but still concise. And there’s a LOT of stuff available for it.

      I’m sure we’ll talk about this kickstarter.

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