Something Challenging…

…making interesting adventures for 1st level characters, played by very experienced gamers.

I would like to see some comments about this. It is kind of a bummer, I think, for experienced players to have to go through the usual kobold-infested adventure to start a campaign. I have my own ideas on this subject – ideas and opinions – but I’d rather see what other GMs and gamers think about this.

So please…get your comments on.

3 thoughts on “Something Challenging…”

  1. Have the players themselves given you any clues (indirect or otherwise) about what they want to do with their characters? Do their character sheets provide any clues along those lines?


    1. I like that, Bob. That kind of stuff would almost surely be engaging to the players. I think that for better gaming, players need to put a lot of thought into their character backgrounds than maybe a lot of us hack-n-slashers grew up with. I think we always did that with our Champions games, and I think the “Hunteds” really helped out in that regard.

      1. Yeah, the character backgrounds and Hunteds and other Disads we made for our Champs characters certainly helped with providing our games with a direction. I find that some players aren’t always explicit about what they want to do in the game – they may just give you a character sheet and nothing else. In these cases, if I (as the GM) dont’ have a clear vision about what I want to do with the game I’m running, I try to “read between the lines” on their character sheets to figure out what they would find interesting, fulfilling, fun, etc.

        For example, if a player takes a lot of archery-related abilities for his character, I would devise a situation or two where he gets to kick ass with his bow.


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