Sword of Cepheus

I’m pretty excited about this upcoming roleplaying game, based on the Cepheus Light rules, called Sword of Cepheus.

Cepheus Light is of course the version of Cepheus Engine recently produced by Omer Golan-Joel and Josh Peters. It’s a 2d6 science fiction roleplaying system that traces it roots back to the original Traveller RPG, which of course is my current favorite game to play or run. Sorry GURPS. I love you, but right now the simplicity combined with effectiveness of Classic Traveller really works for me. I’ll be back to GURPS soon enough. Got some great ideas that GURPS will RULE for.

So, you can read the link to Sword of Cepheus above, in which Omer describes the project. Here’s a link to an article by one of the recent play-testers. 

Why is this exciting? Well, clearly I like Traveller and Cepheus Engine. But more than that, I like the direction this is going. I’m going to come off as a big hater of D&D 5e here, but I have to say it’s pretty overblown. It’s a slick marketing product, has high quality books and playing aids, and man it is pretty, but it’s just … too much. I’ve played it, and I had a good time. But as a GM, I’m just not interested in the kind of setting it presents. This upcoming Sword of Cepheus Engine just sounds right. It sounds well-conceived. It sounds like a system for people who really love to create, kind of like GURPS is. And I say this as a person that just isn’t very interested in the fantasy genre. As this system is described I feel like I wouldn’t mind running it.

Anyway, there it is. Read it. Looks good.

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