Taking a while…

It is taking a while to get my groups GURPS characters created, but it is coming along. I’ve let one of the guys borrow my GURPS characters book so he can finish his PC, and the other guys all have some great backgrounds and concepts developed. Just a matter of getting them on paper. I anticipate that we’ll be ready to play in mid October. For the guys who are having trouble, I may offer to take their ideas and translate them into a rudimentary character, then let them complete the process with details.

One of the guys, who has never played an RPG before, has developed this really fantastic background for his character. No numbers yet! Well, he had determined that the character will have a very high INT, like 15. But with the character background set, the number crunching will be very easy, and as GM I already have ideas for how to work with this PC. Exciting!

Really, I’d rather do it this way. Really have the group put some time into the character creation process. Have them create a character they identify with and will enjoy playing.



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