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October has been pretty busy. We had to cancel our Traveller game last weekend and reschedule for this coming weekend, the first weekend in November. Such is life. I don’t like cancelling, but it was my fault! Had too much to do and not enough time, as usual.

I did manage to read three science fiction novels during October, which is always good inspiration for Traveller games and podcast topics. I read a Robert Silverberg novel called “the Man in the Maze” and two Dumarest of Terra novels. Nice and short. Good adventures, and fodder for Traveller sessions no doubt.

I did get the new Traveller 5 hardback books in the mail! I participated in the Kickstarter, and Marc Miller sure did deliver. The books are very nice, and at first scanning seem to be well organized. I’m sure there are some typos and omissions, but as Marc explained in his session at Lone Star Game Expo, this set is a toolbox. It is massive, but contains all the stuff you need and all that you MIGHT want. Kind of like taking all the old supplements and putting them in one set. I’m very happy with the quality. Not sure when I might use them. I’m very happy with the current campaign and don’t really want to go back and change things to T5.  But for a future campaign I might.

I’ve looked over a number of science fiction RPGs lately. Most are very setting-specific. Honestly, most are kind of dumb. They look like the could be fun, but they don’t look sophisticated like Traveller.



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  1. [I’ve looked over a number of science fiction RPGs lately. Most are very setting-specific. Honestly, most are kind of dumb. ]
    I will forever be baffled by the fact that at any time in the past decade at least, there are a number of new RPGs to hit the market, regardless of the setting or genre. Why? Our hobby is probably at it’s highest peak right now in a generation, and there are countless exceptional systems to be played already out-of-the-box and even in discount bins still shrink-wrapped for many. The wheels on this well-running vehicle are just fine thank you I don’t need new ones. What we need is support for the existing ones.
    5E is going to forever be the stalwart, and that’s fine. Let’s treat it like the gateway drug that it is. At some point, many folks grow tired of the bloat (such as I did with 2nd Ed), and/or want to try different genres. There are too many to choose from now as is, and deciding on what turn to take can lead to analysis paralysis. I just wish there was less noise and more clarity on existing offerings.
    I love Traveller. Yes, it is old school, and there are some few other systems that one could argue have a more modern veneer and finish to them that are just as appealing (The Expanse Kickstarter I supported), but to your point there are so many I always as why? Why not continue to develop for existing systems?
    Thanks for listening.
    Have you registered for NTRPG 2020 yet?

    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Steve! And yes, I am registered. I had to skip last year due to some family stuff going on the weekend, and they graciously just allowed me to use that money for 2020. I’m ready to roll!

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