The Player from Hell

All this character creation thought has brought back memories of my most difficult player ever. This guy played Champions and D&D with us. He’d always create a character so lopsided – both physically and psychologically – that he’d be a pain in the ass. Example: in a regular 200pt Champions game, his favorite character had a 9 speed, practically no defenses, a 36 Dex,  and his major power was the ability to throw knives (armor-piercing ranged killing attacks) on autofire. Had I been older, I’d just said “no way”, but I was only about 17 or 18, and he was over 20, and I allowed this bullshit to go on. hahahaha. So you have this “superhero” who really goes beyond the “Dark Champions” vigilante stereotype right into the psychotic murderer zone.

This is the same guy who, when DMing a D&D game, would start your character at Zero Level, and then make it hard as shit to even find a mentor to get trained in a class.

Thinking back, I’m not sure what this guy was trying to prove, other than lording power over others and showing “how smart” he was. And he was a super smart guy. And frankly, he was a really good guy too. Love that guy to this day, BUT he was the Player/GM from hell.

I learned a lot about how to game from this guy. Just – do – the – opposite of what he did.

the Overman

Back in college my roommates and I played a lot of Champions. I had a martial artist character who was a human/alien hybrid, Randal V (Roman numeral 5). Due to his strange appearance and experience with prejudice, he hated racism to the point that it was a disadvantage.  Our GM therefore designed his arch-enemy to capitalize on this. Thus, the neo-nazi supervillian, the Overman, was born. Our GM recently sent me a file with all the old character sheets he had with my artwork on them.

As you can see, when the Overman was last seen I had kicked the crap out of his racist ass, reducing him to -58 Stun.

I can’t remember if I made the swastika on his chest backwards intentionally or not. I probably just messed up.

Just remembering fun stuff.