the Overman

Back in college my roommates and I played a lot of Champions. I had a martial artist character who was a human/alien hybrid, Randal V (Roman numeral 5). Due to his strange appearance and experience with prejudice, he hated racism to the point that it was a disadvantage.  Our GM therefore designed his arch-enemy to capitalize on this. Thus, the neo-nazi supervillian, the Overman, was born. Our GM recently sent me a file with all the old character sheets he had with my artwork on them.

As you can see, when the Overman was last seen I had kicked the crap out of his racist ass, reducing him to -58 Stun.

I can’t remember if I made the swastika on his chest backwards intentionally or not. I probably just messed up.

Just remembering fun stuff.



2 thoughts on “the Overman”

  1. Alas, the Overman failed to demonstrate his racial superiority over Randal V, due in no small part to (IIRC) Randal V’s rather high SPD and a very good Find Weakness roll. In an alternate Champions universe somewhere, Ted Cruz is agitating to have that alien freak Randal V deported.

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