Interwebs Treasures #10

I’ve been busy working on my GURPS campaign, but found some time to surf the web for some stories…

  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition gets it mostly right. The author is slightly critical of the new edition’s emphasis on the official campaign setting provided by Wizards of the Coast. While I understand his sentiment (I am after all spending a lot of time coming up with my own GURPS setting), it makes sense to give players something well-developed that they can dig into right away if they wish.
  • Christopher, over at Ravens N’ Pennies, came up with these GURPS rules for Variant Judo Throw. Then he wrote a PART 2. Pretty cool.
  • I spent some time reading the 2013 Report to Stakeholders, from Steve Jackson Games. Kind of cool to find out what is happening with that company. It’s a great way of letting their customers in on things and make them feel more involved. Besides that fact that I like GURPS a lot, I must admit that one other thing that attracts me to the system is that it is owned by a true small company – a grassroots real-deal company. It’s clear from the report that they don’t make tons of money from GURPS, yet as true gamers they continue to support it. Cheers, Steve Jackson!
  • Still on Steve Jackson Games — check it — Gaming Ballistic’s Firing Squad welcomes Steve Jackson – video interview! In the 2nd half, Steve addresses both GURPS and table top RPGs in general. I love what Steve says about the value of NOT being a publicly traded company – allows him to do what he wants.
  • And finally, also from Gaming Ballistic, GURPS 101. Good stuff.

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